The Multinational Entrepreneur Training

Build a profitable, multinational business as an entrepreneur.

Welcome to the Multinational Entrepreneur Training

As an entrepreneur, you have one critical advantage over Fortune 500 companies: You can take a much more agile approach to multinational business growth. This 5-week online course will give you tools and strategies specifically designed for the lean resources of the entrepreneur. Through real life examples, you will learn to successfully build and scale your business across multiple borders.

This training was created, based on real life experience as a multinational entrepreneur, and advising other multinational entrepreneurs, to save you the loss of time, money, and sanity learning everything the hard way. Specifically, in the Multinational Entrepreneur Training you will:

Free Introduction - Identify the personal and business rewards that drive you. Understand which of your leadership traits will lead you to success, and which traits will deter your progress. Look at the overall process for building a multinational business as an entrepreneur.

Week 1 - Business Planning - Identify resources that you can take advantage of without leaving your country, choose an entry structure, and deal with logistics considerations. Choose target countries, based on country considerations AND your specific company’s attributes

Week 2 - Fundamentals Formation - Put together a value proposition, taking into account various pricing considerations. Get ready to build relationships, do basic due diligence on those relationships, and build trust in the multinational environment

Week 3 - Action & Results - Review overseas issues related to meetings, communications, and personal safety. Get ready to negotiate and handle basic foreign legal and illegal issues

Week 4 - Success Expansion - Get ready to manage international relationships, keep them growing and handle troubled relationships. Identify the type of global financing that is right for your business, and take into consideration other relevant financial issues

Week 5 - Conclusion - Get deeper insight and confidence related to specific issues that you face in growing your multinational business as an entrepreneur, through a 1 on 1 advisory session with Sara Haq (Founder & Principal of SH International LLC, and creator of the Multinational Entrepreneur Training)

Throughout the Multinational Entrepreneur Training, you will look at real life examples, and also assess how to manage global business risks with entrepreneur-friendly strategies. You will develop the confidence and decision-making ability to take the next steps in building your multinational business.

Don't worry about it if you are busy any given week - while you get access to a new module every week for five weeks, you will have access to the training for a full year.


Who is the Multinational Entrepreneur Training for?

Entrepreneurs looking to grow their business into other countries, and seeking training and a roadmap to success

Entrepreneurs already building a multinational business, wanting to enhance profitability and their ability to be successful

Others exploring the idea of starting a multinational venture, and wanting to get a better idea of what is involved while learning critical skills

Structure of the Multinational Entrepreneur Training:

Twenty One Illustrated Video Lessons, covering the full success cycle of multinational business growth. You can watch these videos on your own schedule.

All About Your Business. You can immediately apply what you have learned to your current or future multinational business through training exclusive worksheets that accompany each week's lesson

Personalized Attention through a 1 on 1 Advisory Session, with Sara Haq (Founder & Principal of SH International LLC, and creator of the Multinational Entrepreneur Training), to get deeper insight and confidence related to specific issues that you face in growing your multinational business as an entrepreneur. Session has a duration of 45 minutes.

The Multinational Entrepreneur Certificate, awarded after successfully completing the training.

Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the training for any reason, you can contact us within 7 days for a full refund.


Why did we make this training in an on-line format?

For the last few years, we have delivered different live formats of this popular training to entrepreneurs building multinational businesses, given at or sponsored by: the Small Business Administration, the U.S. Commercial Service, SCORE, the Wharton School, the District Export Council, the Global Enterprise Hub, and business schools in Asia and Africa. However, there are geography and time constraints limiting the number of people we can provide this training to under that format. So we decided to create an on-line version of the Multinational Entrepreneur Training that can be taken at your convenience, so that you have easy access to the knowledge you need to maximize your business’s multinational potential and profitability.

"With an unrivaled combination of diplomacy, humor and knowledge, Sara Haq guides the participants into realistic goals firmly rooted in reality. She is 'spot on' as to what may be realistic, and also very good at defining a company’s needs within a multinational context. I can warmly recommend Multinational Entrepreneur Trainings by SH International LLC."

- Eva Frid, Swedish Entrepreneur, Smaksked

"Sara Haq’s [and SH International's] training on multinational entrepreneurship was a tremendous asset for my students studying business in emerging economies. It is comprehensive and understandable, and is based on excellent real world experience. I strongly recommend this training for anyone active in transnational business."

- Prof. Philip Nichols, Professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Researches emerging economies, international trade and investment, and corruption.

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